Having Trouble with Your Product? 😕

No worries! We're here to help.

  • Start by checking the product page and available product manuals for guidance.
  • Our Help Centre is also an excellent resource for instant answers to frequently asked questions and product-specific troubleshooting. 🛠️
  • If you can't find a solution, feel free to contact our Support team via email. We'll send you relevant product documents or articles to help resolve your issue.
  • If your equipment is under warranty and needs service or has stopped working, please fill out our Service Request Form. 📋
  • Note: For faulty or damaged products upon delivery, please send photographic evidence to support@restaurantequipment.co.nz or submit it to the Help Centre within 24 hours of receiving the product. 

As an online retailer, RestaurantEquipment.co.nz doesn't have physical stores for returns. To help us diagnose and resolve your product fault promptly, please provide as much information as possible, including photos and/or videos. 

Our process for helping resolve a faulty product issue:

  1. Enquiry & Troubleshooting: Our Support team will work with you to identify the issue and provide relevant troubleshooting steps. Many claims are resolved through correspondence without the need for a return or service call. Providing photos and/or videos of the issue will help us assist you more efficiently. 🔍
  2. Technical Assessment: Our support team or the brand's in-house service department will assess your item. Please allow up to 10 business days for assessment once the service center receives the item. ⏳
  3. Repair or Replacement: We'll repair your product if possible, which may require ordering parts from New Zealand or international warehouses. If necessary, we'll replace the product. Depending on the fault's nature, you may be entitled to a refund or replacement. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please refer to RestaurantEquipment.co.nz terms. 🔧
  4. Item Return: If an item needs to be returned for diagnosis or repair, please package large items suitably for transit before returning them. We recommend keeping your original packaging for this purpose. Some items, like large appliances, may be assessed on-site. If you're looking for information about our product returns policies, please see our returns information page. 📦

Warranty FAQs: 

Q: What types of product faults are covered by warranty?

At REO NZ, we want to make sure you're happy with your products! Our suppliers guarantee that all new equipment is free from defects, including factory used materials and workmanship, ensuring quality and durability in every possible way.

However, the warranties do not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear and items that wear out due to regular usage, such as blades, bearings, light bulbs and batteries.
  • Damage resulting from abnormal use or abuse, like overloading motors and stripped gears beyond the listed maximum capacity of machinery.
  • Products that haven't been maintained (e.g., filters not regularly cleaned) or have been modified.
  • Damage to packaging only.
  • Broken glass (unless the item arrived damaged).
  • Door hinges and locks.
  • Insignificant minor variations in dimensions, colour, grain, or finish.
  • Very minor chips, dents, or superficial blemishes.
  • Equipment that has been opened, serviced, or modified without REO NZ's prior consent.

Q: Can I use my own technician for repairs?

We understand that you may have a preferred technician, but all equipment under warranty by REO NZ's manufacturers must be serviced according to REO NZ's policies listed in the Terms and Conditions.

Generally, our suppliers will arrange their own technicians to resolve issues. Please inform us of any issues with a product BEFORE arranging your own service technician.

Q: What is a back-to-base warranty?

Some products (usually with a commercial value under $1,000) come with a back-to-base warranty. This means that if an issue can't be resolved easily, the product must be sent back to the appropriate service center for repairs. Please note that back-to-base warranty freight fees are your responsibility and won't be covered by REO NZ unless stated otherwise on a case-by-case basis.

You can find more details on the warranty information on the specific product's page.

A little tip: To ensure the longevity of your products, please read product manuals before you start using the products and stay up-to-date with their maintenance schedules. For example, all refrigerators and freezers need their ventilation systems regularly cleaned for consistent airflow. This includes routine cleaning of the condenser filters. If used outdoors or in hot and stuffy environments, maintenance tasks such as filter cleaning should be performed more frequently.